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About the Founders

Debbie Smith has been passionate about helping people since she was a young girl. She migrated to the USA in 1978 and decided to go the corporate route and pursue a career in the banking industry. She worked at the bank for 12 years as a manager and was inspired to attend cosmetology school. Once she completed her hours, she chose her true passion as her full time career. She was mentored for a year and a half while building her career in Miami Gardens and sharpened her skills by attending the prestigious Dudley Cosmetology advanced program in North Carolina whilst pregnant with her daughter Nakia. She then decided to branch out and have her own salon in 1993, by the name of Hair and Motion, located in North Miami Beach, FL. She had a full service, professional salon, with several stylists and employees who she educated and groomed to become the best stylist in the south Florida area. 

 In 2009, Debbie was inspired to change the name of her business to Serenity Hair and Spa because her vision is to have a place where women are fully rejuvenated after each experience. 

In 2011, Debbie began hosting a day of pampering, once a month, for the women at the battered shelter in Miami, FL. This was her way of giving back to her community in a way that was most special to her because of her compassion for women. 

Debbie has now passed the baton to her daughter Nakia, and they now work side by side in Serenity Hair and Spa.


Debbie has always been passionate about women's health and wellness. From witnessing and listening to her clients share vulnerable moments of their lives that cause side effects of stress, hair loss, anxiety, hormonal issues and etcetera. She decided to join with a seasoned doctor and organic chemist to create a product line that can benefit women in their daily lives. 


In 2021, Debbie joined with her daughter in launching their new organic, vegan product line; D’Monet’ Essentials. 

Nakia Martin attended and graduated from the University of Florida receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Food and Resource Economics specializing in International Trade. She chose a recession proof industry that the world depends on, which is food.

She decided to return home and attend cosmetology school at her mother's alumni, Miami Lakes Tech cosmetology program. While completing the program, she worked alongside her mother, building her clientele in South Florida. She graduated and attained her license in 2016 and proceeded to work full-time in her craft.

In 2017, Nakia began working with Ashtae as a platform stylist at tradeshows and an educator for product knowledge on an international caliber.

Nakia has always desired to educate the masses about healthy living in regards to nutrition. Her father is a well known herbal doctor and reflexologist who inspired her to learn more about how herbs and food directly affect the human body. In 2020, after being introduced and treated by Parsi Herbs, the connection to help the masses with a plant based diet and topical care was quenched. 

Nakia and Debbie decided to collaborate with Parsi Herbs and become a liaison for their community. Being that they work in the beauty industry, wellness of the people is an adjacent market they were ready to permeate.


In April of 2022, Nakia and Debbie launched D'Monet' Essentials, an organic, vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, chemical free supplement line for women, men and children ages 4 and up. They are excited about their new endeavor and they look forward to serving the marketplace with education and quality products for optimal health.

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