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A powerhouse of vitamins and minerals D’ Monet’s All Purpose Nourishing Shampoo provides essential antioxidants which may strengthen the hair follicles, boost the production of collagen, and stimulate hair growth.


Our shampoo will assist in toning the scalp by balancing the scalp’s pH with a deep cleanse and regulate sebum production. An excellent treatment for both dry and oily dandruff, that will leave the hair feeling soft, shiny, and manageable.


All Purpose Nourishing Shampoo


    - Spring Water

    - Coconut

    - Hazel Nut

    - Pine Needles

    - Chamomile

    - Nutmeg

    - Lemon

    - Thyme

    - Passion Flower

    - Cinnamon

    - Eucalyptus

    - Sea Salt

    - Geranium

    - Raspberry

    - Rosemary

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